Ready to Put in Your Vote to Name Utah’s Next Major Sports Team? Join the Frost | Lindner Team in this Historic Event

Excitement is in the air as Utah prepares to welcome its first-ever National Hockey League (NHL) team! The Arizona Coyotes are relocating to the Beehive State under the ownership of the Smith Entertainment Group. This momentous change means that starting from the 2024-2025 season, Utah will proudly have its name featured in the NHL.

A New Era for Utah Sports

Ryan Smith, the enthusiastic owner of Utah’s new NHL team, has confirmed that the team’s name will begin with “Utah,” and the inaugural season jerseys will prominently showcase the state’s name. This decision not only signifies a new chapter in Utah’s sporting history but also allows the local community to feel a deep connection with the team.

The Naming Process

Fans are given a unique opportunity to be part of this historic moment by helping to name the team. The Smith Entertainment Group has presented 20 potential names for the franchise, and they want your input! Here are some of the exciting candidates:

  • Utah Frost
  • Utah Ice Powder
  • Utah Mountaineers
  • Utah Freeze
  • Utah Mammoth
  • Utah Black Diamonds
  • Utah Blast

Each name reflects a distinctive aspect of Utah’s culture, geography, or the spirit of hockey itself. The final choice will undoubtedly capture the essence of Utah and the dynamism of the sport.

The Final Reveal

While the name, logo, and colors will be unveiled for the 2025-2026 season, this upcoming period is all about engaging with the community and ensuring everyone has a say in this momentous decision. Ryan Smith and his team are eager to hear from fans across the state and beyond.

How to Vote

Voting for the team name is simple and straightforward. Send us an email to receive the link where you can cast your vote. This is your chance to be part of Utah’s sporting history, to help shape the identity of a team that will bring excitement and pride to our state.

The Candidates: What’s in a Name?

Utah Frost

A nod to the cold and icy nature of the sport, “Frost” conveys a sense of chill and toughness. It’s perfect for a team that aims to bring the heat on the ice.

Utah Ice Powder

Drawing inspiration from Utah’s famous powdery snow, this name emphasizes the pristine and exhilarating conditions synonymous with winter sports in the state.

Utah Mountaineers

Utah’s rugged mountains and adventurous spirit are encapsulated in this name. It’s a tribute to the explorers and thrill-seekers who define the state’s outdoor culture.

Utah Freeze

Simple yet powerful, “Freeze” highlights the core element of hockey—ice. It suggests a team that can freeze out the competition with their skill and determination.

Utah Mammoth

A symbol of strength and grandeur, “Mammoth” captures the imposing presence the team will bring to the NHL. It’s a name that stands tall and commands respect.

Utah Black Diamonds

Inspired by the challenging ski slopes, “Black Diamonds” conveys the idea of a team that can handle the toughest conditions and come out on top.

Utah Blast

Dynamic and explosive, “Blast” suggests a team that will play with energy and excitement, delivering thrilling performances game after game.

Get Involved

This is not just about naming a team; it’s about creating a legacy. The chosen name will become a symbol of Utah’s entry into the NHL, a source of pride for years to come. By participating in this process, you are contributing to a piece of history.

Utah’s first NHL team is more than just a new sports franchise; it’s a representation of our state’s passion, pride, and community spirit. As we await the final reveal of the team’s name, logo, and colors, the anticipation builds. This is your chance to make a lasting impact on Utah’s sporting heritage. Don’t miss out—cast your vote today and be a part of this historic moment!

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the 2024-2025 season and gear up to support Utah’s newest team. The Frost | Lindner Team and ParkCity360 look forward to joining you in this historic event!

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