Navigating High Property Taxes in Summit and Wasatch County: Your Guide to Appealing Assessments by the Deadline

It is the end of summer and fall is in the air. What arrives about this time of year? Property tax proposals! 

Property taxes are 200 to 300% in Summit and Wasatch county? Has that been your experience when you’ve gotten your tax assessment in the last couple weeks? Valen Lindner and Jamison Frost at ParkCity360 are getting inundated with client calls and Instagram DMs asking for help to figure out how to appeal these tax assessments.

We’ve gone to our in-house counsel at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, our broker and some fantastic local attorneys in town to help you with that answer. One of the local attorneys has let us use an email that he uses for best practices to appeal and the step-by-step processes that you can take to successfully appeal these tax assessments.

The submission due date for all appeals is September 15th so please let us know

A) if you want a copy of this email


B) if you want us to introduce you to a local attorney in town who can help you.

ParkCity360 tip: confirm if your tax form reflects a primary or secondary residential tax. The email also has instructions and dates for filing as a primary residence.

We don’t think our clients are alone. We think this is happening all across the counties, so please contact us with your story.

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