Like No Other: In-House Videography

We take pride in offering our clients an unprecedented level of exposure. Day in and day out, the team at Summit Sotheby’s International Realty is working behind the scenes to innovate, be ahead of the curve, and ensure our clients’ properties are in front of qualified buyers worldwide. From the way the day’s first light pours through a bedroom window, to the calming pops of the living room’s wood burning fireplace, every property has a story. We believe these stories need to be told and are a crucial part of successfully marketing our clients’ homes. This is why we’re proud to be Utah’s only real estate brokerage with an in-house, award winning video production team. This team, backed by the power of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand, pushes our client’s video content to over 5,000 websites, including the most trafficked news, finance, lifestyle and real estate websites in the world. 

Get to know our in-house videography team…
Meet Raji

The Facts on Raji: Born in Lebanon, raised in Belgium and came to Utah in 2001. The first movie he ever saw in a theater was Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which terrified him). He discovered the joy and excitement of a strong story through the films Se7en and The Matrix. Raji has aspired to tell compelling stories ever since. The essence of his creative process: every component must serve a good story.

Meet Ben

The Facts on Ben: Ben has been using a camera to tell stories for over 20 years. His passion in editing film sparked while in High School and led him to the University of Utah where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Media Art. Filmmaking is his favorite form of story telling. His first film with Summit Sotheby’s International Realty took him to former MLB player Wally Joyner’s home – a piece that got picked up by the Wall Street Journal online. 

Meet Kyle

The Facts on Kyle: Kyle is a bit of what you could call a swiss army knife. He’s equal parts athlete, graphic designer, and video producer. If he isn’t mountain biking, he is playing hockey. If he isn’t playing hockey, he is playing golf. If he isn’t playing golf, he’s flying a drone or producing the newest Summit Sotheby’s International Realty film.

We asked the team to select a few of their favorite property films. Enjoy their selections!