How To Choose the Best Realtor in Park City, Utah

How To Analyze the Best Realtor in Park City, Utah for Your Next Move

If a Park City, Utah move is in your near future, you will want a top-notch real estate agent to help with the myriad of intricate issues. But where do you find a well-seasoned professional and how do you choose the right one for you? It might have once been as easy as paging through a phone book or a glossy magazine with ads, but don’t you want to dig a little deeper to know who will work with you and your family until the keys are handed over and beyond?

A few hints at the process of vetting the best Park City realtor are sprinkled in our headlines and photo. First and foremost, you, your family and your four legged creatures should enjoy the agent’s company. We see it as a relationship that will last through more than one transaction. As agents, we look forward to phone calls, emails, texts, so we always ask your preferred mode of contact. Beyond nuts and bolts conversations about your property, we hope to host you at some of our annual events, such as a night at the Deer Valley Music Festival. In fact, we can’t wait to dance and sing to the Music of ABBA with our clients this weekend. (Summer concerts in this alpine climate are magical, so we’ll feature them in an upcoming post).

The opportunity to treat clients to special events leads to the next idea for evaluating an agent – the Brokerage. Brokers who support their agents ultimately support the clients. Now we’re not just talking about food, swag and awesome events, this brokerage-agent support encapsulates marketing, transaction organization, best practices education, stats, weekly sales meeting discussions and continual communication. The Frost | Lindner team, Jamison Frost and Valen Lindner, is fortunate to work with an amazing team at Summit Sotheby’s and we are so glad that as a brokerage team, we also all support local philanthropic endeavors.

Regarding marketing, you’ll probably remember that we began with a glossy magazine. How many brokerages publish a bi-annual magazine that is a physical representation of the company, culture, lifestyle and real estate opportunities? For instance, Summit Sotheby’s produces a unique issue of Collections every summer and winter. Collections is the only Utah-based publication (real-estate or not) with a national distribution. It is the only Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate publication with a national distribution too. Our award-winning in-house advertising agency designs the magazine and produces 115,000 copies for wide distribution. 

Pealing the onion, the photos found in magazines such as Collections begin with outstanding photography. When you choose a realtor, you should also focus on their ability to market a property with photos that highlight the architecture, features, location, and lifestyle. The right realtor will ensure that the photos, which are often buyer’s first “showing” of a home, are syndicated globally. At Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, making sure your property gets the exposure it deserves is a top priority therefore, listings syndicated to over 10,000 websites, including some of the most trafficked real estate, lifestyle, and news sites in the world. Once buyers start to put eyeballs on the listings, wouldn’t you want to know some analytics about the views?

The best Park City realtor should focus on analytics and stats. The Frost | Lindner Team reporting tools can convey how many buyers view the photos, where buyers are located, which photos are drawing the most interest, and what websites are frequented. As top notch agents, we communicate these analytics along with a market analysis to our sellers. 

When you receive focused communication from the best Park City realtor, you should also be aware of the emphasis of the brand. For instance, the world renowned blue and white Sotheby’s International Realty signs are a magnet for buyers who understand quality and luxury. Luxury is not a price point, it is a standard of professionalism, top notch care and attention on the client.

A top notch, professional realtor will not only have the support of their brokerage and brand, they should also be a community resource with a long list of service providers including inspectors, cleaners, movers, etc. The Frost | Lindner Team enjoys helping clients connect with vendors before, during, and even long after a sale. 

Now, this isn’t the only way to choose a top notch, professional realtor and there are more factors to look for that the Frost | Lindner Team is happy to discuss. You might reverse the process by starting with a brand, finding a brokerage, and then an agent. However, when researching this way, you will still want to focus on the key factors: communication, marketing power, analytics, local connections, and most importantly a realtor with strong negotiation skills who can seal the deal. Sometimes, a video says it best, so please enjoy Valen Lindner’s reminder that a realtor team that has “deal life support” is the best choice in a changing market.

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