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Valen Lindner and Jamison Frost Discuss How They Help Sellers Understand Where Buyers Originate

Where is my next buyer coming from? How do we even market to these people? This is a common seller question that I get all the time. Since we are a second home market, they’re literally coming from everywhere! Utah is going to grow by 66% in population in the next 40 years and so we’re seeing this migration from all over the world. The best thing about it is that we can actually see on our analytics through our digital media channels exactly where they’re coming from. The top-five areas we’re seeing right now as Buyer origination sites are: Salt Lake City – I know, who thought it would’ve been an in-state destination! The other spots are New York City, California, Chicago, Florida and Texas.

The first step is architectural photography by our award-winning in-house photographers. Both interior and exterior photos are shot after the home has been staged to showcase the spaces. These still photos give the buyer the opportunity to study the bones of the home. Videographers follow the photographers by spending a few hours capturing the home in motion. Through the lens of the video, buyers can move through the rooms and landscape to better understand the property.

These key marketing elements then produce how many eyeballs are viewing the listing. Buyer analytics report photo tour views, number of visitors – new and repeat, most popular property photos, trafficked websites, favorite photos, and viewer locations. We routinely send sellers updates including these analytics.

Based on these analytics, we then market to the popular Buyer origination sites. Look for our ads in places such as the New York Times Takeover, LA Times Takeover, and the Chicago Tribune. Because Park City is a strong draw for Salt Lake City dwellers, we also market locally. A broader marketing reach is achieved through social media.

If you are interested in selling your property, please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your next move!

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